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A Roger Dery gemstone is instantly recognizable because of its distinctive spectrum of brilliantly reflected light.

With decades of experience, Roger is a world-renowned gem cutter. He is an award winning precision flat faceter who draws on a comprehensive knowledge of traditional gem cutting techniques, modern optics, and the inherent physical properties of each gem to create true works of art.

R.M. Johnson & Sons is also proud to partner with Master Gem Cutter Roger Dery. Roger has been in the gemstone business since 1981, when his fascination with colored gems began on a three-month journey to India. In the early years, Roger operated as a general colored stone dealer carrying calibrated goods. In 2001, Roger learned to facet and re-faceted his entire inventory.

Roger frequently travels with his wife Ginger and daughter Rachel to East Africa, working directly with artisanal miners to source rough gemstones and contribute to their families, schools and communities. Roger says “ Holistic sourcing™ is the bedrock of our business philosophy, directing our actions and our philanthropy”. This engaging and inspiring family has a passion for colored gems and for giving back. This is exactly why we have chosen to partner with them!

Roger considers himself a purist, admiring the classic cuts. His favorite gemstone is Sapphire, a rich cornflower blue, in an antique cushion. He loves to re-design a classic cut and make it come alive! His desire is to facet fabulous gems that will inspire the creation of heirloom jewelry that will be cherished for generations and it is OUR desire to create that special jewelry for YOU!

38,000 Hours of Faceting
14,000 Gems Faceted
510 Mines Visited
40 Years in the Gem Business
38 Trips to Africa

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